• Accomplishments in Congress

    Congressman Garamendi: Delivering for the 3rd District

    Despite being in the minority party for most of his tenure in Congress, John Garamendi has delivered a remarkable amount of tangible results for the 3rd District and for Americans across the country. Here are some highlights:

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  • Jobs

    Congressman John Garamendi is focused on growing the middle class. He is the leading voice in Congress for “Make It In America” policies that will help bring manufacturing jobs back to America. In Congress, he has successfully:

    • Increased the Buy America requirement for buses and rail from 60% to 70%
    • Stopped school districts from procuring canned foods from China when local produce is available
    • Ensured a five-year extension of the Wind Production Tax Credit and Solar Investment Tax Credit in order to incentivize the wind and solar manufacturing sectors to continue manufacturing in America.

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  • Health Care

    Under the Affordable Care Act, we have seen America’s uninsured rate fall to the lowest levels in U.S. history. Millions of Americans now have access to quality health care. Seniors now have access to a free annual wellness check up to identify health problems early, and the Medicare Part D prescription drug donut hole will completely close by 2020, helping seniors afford life saving medications.

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  • Education

    In the halls of Congress and throughout his career, Congressman Garamendi has been a fierce advocate for students and teachers, believing that America's prosperity depends on a well-educated workforce.

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  • Environment

    America must take the climate crisis seriously. Congressman Garamendi is a passionate advocate for investments in clean energy, building weatherization, public transit, and biking amenities, because these are the key ways we can lower our carbon footprint.

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  • Agriculture

    As a rancher and pear farmer, Congressman Garamendi understands the concerns of the 3rd District’s agriculturalists. He served on the Conference Committee when Congress passed the bipartisan Farm Bill, ensuring that California’s needs were met.

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  • Military Affairs and Foreign Relations

    Ever since Congressman Garamendi and his wife Patti embarked on a journey that would forever shape their lives – they two years they fought smallpox in rural Ethiopia as volunteers in the Peace Corps – Garamendi's perspective on foreign policy has been shaped by three primary principles.

    1. America’s moral authority as the world’s leader of free nations rests on a devotion to human rights and individual liberty for all citizens of all nations.
    2. Diplomacy should always be our first mission in international relations, and ultimately, is almost always the best way to resolve conflicts abroad.
    3. A strong and smart military is an essential safeguard for national security and an effective deterrent against those who would consider acts of aggression against peaceful nations and innocent people.

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  • Seniors

    Congressman John Garamendi believes every American deserves the right to retire with dignity. He is resolutely opposed to all efforts to privatize Social Security, dismantle Medicare, and defund Medicaid/MediCal.

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  • Social Justice

    In America, everyone who works hard and plays by the rules deserves to pursue their American dream. We must have equal opportunity for all, do what we can to end discrimination, and remove barriers to opportunity.

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  • Transportation

    As a Member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and as the Ranking Member of its Subcommittee on the Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation, Garamendi is using his role to improve infrastructure in our region. Congressman Garamendi is a firm believer in investments in transportation infrastructure, creating good jobs for our neighbors and leaving lasting improvements that will help businesses throughout Northern California. We only get 92 cents back for every gas tax dollar we send to Washington, and Garamendi is fighting for a fairer share.

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  • Veterans

    Those who have put service to our nation above all else deserve our respect, our thanks and our assurance that the doors to the future will be open to them. We must demand that education, job training, healthcare, and housing be readily available to these heroes. California is at a critical juncture, and the investments we make now in educating our people are key to our collective success in the years to come.

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  • Water

    Congressman Garamendi has lived with his wife Patti on the Delta for over 30 years. This is where they raised their children and enjoy the incredible beauty and diversity of nature. Congressman Garamendi is dedicated to stopping the twin tunnel project and has introduced his own plan, a Water Plan for All of California, which would create new access to water for California through water conservation, recycling, and storage while protecting senior water rights and investing in needed levees.

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