Stop The Twin Tunnels & Save the Delta

The Sacramento Delta is the largest estuary in the Western United States. It is home to thriving ecosystems, rich agricultural land, and is considered to be the nexus of the California water system.

Unfortunately, two massive concrete tunnels are being proposed to divert the precious Delta water supply down South. This plan wouldn't create a drop of new water for the state, would undermine senior water rights, would imperil the Delta, and would be a bad investment for the state. Instead, these tunnels would siphon water from the Delta at a rate of 15,000 cubic feet per second--a rate that would suck all of the water that runs through the Delta six months out of the year.

Congressman Garamendi is dedicated to stopping the tunnels and saving the Delta. He also believes that simply saying no is not enough, and has introduced legislation that makes vital investments in water infrastructure to protect the local species and better address the ongoing drought.

Build More Surface Storage

We must build surface storage such as the Sites Reservoir to increase the flexibility of the Central Valley Project and the State Water Project, and invest in groundwater storage projects. The Sites Reservoir is a proposed 1.3 million acre feet off-stream reservoir in Colusa County. If Sites Reservoir  has been available last winter we would have had an additional 1 million acre feet of water in storage.

Fix the Delta Levees & Improve Water Infrastructure

For over 40 years we have ignored over 1,100 miles of Delta levees which are critical to California’s water infrastructure. Thousands of acres of some of the most fertile farmland in the country is protected by these levees, and it is vital to keep them up-to-date. Congressman Garamendi served on the bipartisan Water Resources and Development Act Conference Committee (WRDA) and worked to design a bill that authorizes flood protection projects that save lives and property and completes the much needed improvements for our Northern California's levees.

Protect Existing Water Rights

California has a long and complex water rights history starting with the Goldrush. Our water rights system is not replicated anywhere else in the country. This water rights system is crucial to Northern California Farmers, which contribute almost $3.5 billion annually to California’s economy and create 53,000 jobs. Through our water rights system, Northern California farmers are able to produce food for the world and provide a habitat for endangered salmon and over 7 million migrating waterfowl each year. Congressman Garamendi has opposed all efforts  at the federal level to dismantle California’s water rights. It is vital to our local economy and ecosystems to protect California’s existing water rights system.

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