As a Member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and as the Ranking Member of its Subcommittee on the Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation, Garamendi is using his role to improve infrastructure in our region.

Congestion on roads and railways plagues communities throughout Northern California, delaying commuters, wasting time and fuel, and adding to air and atmospheric pollution. Congressman Garamendi is a firm believer in investments in transportation infrastructure, creating good jobs for our neighbors and leaving lasting improvements that will help businesses throughout Northern California. We only get 92 cents back for every gas tax dollar we send to Washington, and Garamendi is fighting for a fairer share.

Make it in America

Congressman Garamendi is the author of the Make It In America: Airports, Highways, Trains and Transit Act, which would create American jobs by setting stronger standards for goods and equipment purchased with federal dollars for airports, highways, trains and transit.

You don’t need to look any further than the new Bay Bridge to understand the importance of Make It In America. The new Bay Bridge is the most expensive public project in California’s history, yet its steel was produced in China. American taxpayers had to pick up the tab while thousands of jobs were shipped overseas. Congressman Garamendi’s Make It In America agenda will eliminate the loopholes that allow corporations to outsource American manufacturing jobs. If transit agencies are going to use our federal taxpayer dollars, that money should be used to rebuild our manufacturing sector and create good American middle class jobs. It just makes sense.


Congressman Garamendi helped lead the fight to pass the FAST Act, a bill that provides $305 billion in funding for transportation and infrastructure funding by 2020. $23.3 billion of those funds will be used exclusively in California, and Congressman Garamendi has worked tirelessly with local stakeholders to locate projects in his district to receive FAST Act funding.


Congressman Garamendi regularly travels throughout Northern California in his duties as a Member of Congress. He knows firsthand the frustrations of commuters and travelers stuck in traffic. Congressman Garamendi has been critical of Congressional Republican efforts to slash billions of dollars from highway construction and road maintenance funds. Our region needs a Member of Congress who believes robust investments in transportation are a worthy investment.

Public Transportation

Congressman Garamendi is a friend to the Capitol Corridor and regional bus systems. Public transportation use has skyrocketed in recent years, and Garamendi’s Make It In America Bills support continued investments in public transportation while providing new middle class job opportunities.

Bicycling and Pedestrian Access

Bicycling and walking are the healthiest and most environmentally friendly forms of transportation, and Garamendi is hard at work in Washington fighting for funds to improve bicycle lanes and pedestrian walkways.

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