America must take the climate crisis seriously. Congressman Garamendi is a passionate advocate for investments in clean energy, building weatherization, public transit, and biking amenities, because these are the key ways we can lower our carbon footprint.

Stop the tunnels, save the Delta. Garamendi is especially concerned about the health of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Farmers, fishermen, and communities depend on a healthy Delta, and the $15 billion twin tunnels boondoggle would be capable of draining the Delta dry six months a year. Garamendi helped lead the fight against the peripheral canal in 1982, and he’s leading the fight against the twin tunnels today.

Garamendi is also pushing the Administration to release strong standards for the transportation of Bakken crude oil. There is currently no meaningful national volatility standard, and it jeopardizes the health and safety of millions of Americans, including residents of the 3rd District.

Ultimately, a healthy environment is a national security priority. Unhealthy air and water harms public health and public safety.

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